Arthritic woman labelled ‘lazy slob’ when parked in disabled bay

A WOMAN who suffers from serious arthritis was labelled a “lazy slob” in an angry note left on her car.

The woman had parked up in a disabled bay in the Morrison’s store, in Roscommon Way, on Tuesday morning.

But when she returned from her shopping, she discovered someone had left the printed note on her car windscreen.

It read: “I am sorry if you are a bit simple – I will try to make this a straightforward for you as possible – this is a disabled parking bay and not for some inconsiderate moron who uses someone else’s disabled badge – all because you cannot be bothered to park legally!”

The letter also had the words “lazy slob” handwritten on the page.

The woman, who legitimately uses a blue badge, was left shaken by the incident as she suffers severe arthritis in her hands and legs and uses a walking stick to get around.

She also suffers from the lung condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The daughter of the woman shared the note on social media, blasting the person responsible.

She claimed many disabilities were not always visible and others should have more respect.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “My mother wasn’t entirely sure about sharing the note, as she thinks people always have their own reasons for their actions, which I agree with.

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“But I was angry at her being called a lazy slob and hoped by posting it, that the person who did this, would think twice in future to how it can affect people with disabilities that are unseen.

“Mum suffers from severe arthritis in her legs and hands and uses a walking stick constantly.

“She has leg ulcers which are treated daily and she also suffers with COPD which is monitored by the doctors and she is on medication for, along with various other health concerns.”

The daughter added: “It makes me angry someone would write this.”

A spokeswoman for Morrison’s said: “We are sorry to hear that this happened in our car park.

“Our disabled spaces are for all disabilities, whether they are visible or not.”


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