300 disabled Aberdeen residents worse off after ‘dehumanising’ Government benefit reform

At least 300 disabled people living in the north of Aberdeen are worse off due to UK Government benefit reform.

Aberdeen North MP Kirsty Blackman obtained data from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) which shows 100 people living in her constituency had their allowances cut in 2015 and 200 others had their allowances reduced in 2016.

All of those affected had been transferred from disability living allowance (DLA) to personal independence payments (PIP).

Ms Blackman said it is one of the most common problems constituents ask her for help with.

Single parent Adam Pomroy was given an automatic car in 2010 as part of his DLA allowance and was told he would receive £220 each month for life.

However, in January, the DWP told him that had changed and they were taking the car back.

Mr Pomroy, 34, of Woodside, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic condition affecting the tendons which makes movement painful.

He said: “I was absolutely horrified by the changes. It made me stressed and very ill. The DWP invited me to an appointment in the city centre and believed that because I made it there, I was mobile enough to cope without the car.”

Mr Pomroy asked Ms Blackman and others for help and the DWP did a U-turn in May after he spent four months fighting his corner.

He added: “The only reason they backed down was because I challenged it.

“I would definitely encourage other people in a similar situation to fight it too.”

Ms Blackman said: “For far too many people, the PIP application process is stressful, worrying and degrading.

“People have to fill out immensely complicated forms about all the things they cannot do.

“They have to go through dehumanising medical appointments.

“After all of this, they are awarded less than they received before.

“Sadly, not all constituents can manage the appeal process, and so many simply walk away.”

A DWP spokesman said it introduced PIP to replace “the outdated DLA system”.

“PIP is a better benefit which takes a much wider look at the way an individual’s health condition or disability impacts them on a daily basis,” he added.

Source: https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/300-disabled-people-worse-off-after-dehumanising-government-benefit-reform/

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